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Welcome from your new mod team!

Hi, everyone!

We're mireille719 and soft_princess, and we're the new moderators of buffy_bigbang. We'd like to thank antennapedia and sahiya for getting this started, and for giving us a chance to revive it.

We're aware that there's another Jossverse Big Bang running at the moment, and we're definitely not trying to rain on their parade--the more, the merrier, we say, and so we're still planning on relaunching the Buffyverse Big Bang.

Because November and December tend to be bad months for many people to take on a new writing challenge, we're going to schedule the relaunch for January. We'll be asking you for help promoting the Big Bang as it gets closer to the kick-off date, and we'll check in a time or two between now and then.

For now, start thinking about your story idea, or about what kinds of stories you'd like to illustrate!

Ficathon reset incoming

Hey, patient people! Our first attempt at this ficathon went splat on its face. I know that many people out there are still interested in it, however, and we've set things in motion again. This time we'll have mods with big ficathon experience running it, freeing shambling unorganized people like me to do what we do best (write a lot).

Look for news here in the next couple of months. If you had a story in progress for the first try at this, why not dust it off and write a few more words?

Admin post: welcome!

Yay! A big thank you to everyone who's signed up so far or promoted the ficathon in their journals. We're in business and we should have some great stories to read come May.

In a day or so I'll be restricting comm membership to the people who've signed up. We're pretty relaxed about signups here, but we'd like friends-locked comm posts to be for people who've stuck their necks out and committed. You're welcome to watch the comm if you haven't signed up, though! Eventually the stories and art will be posted here.

Everybody who's signed up should now have posting access. Let me know if I've somehow missed you.

Buffyverse Big Bang 2009: rules and dates

A Big Bang ficathon is for big fic. Expanding universe fic. Fic that's much longer than usual. And in the grand tradition of Big Bang ficathons, it's fic that's illustrated.

sahiya and I have been longing for a Big Bang ficathon in the Buffy and Angel fandoms for a while now, and hey! Why not just do it? Announcing the Buffyverse Big Bang 2009!

Want to cut to the chase? Writers sign up here and artists over here.

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Buffyverse Big Bang 2009: artist signups

Arists! Sign up here.

We need the following from you:
- A working email address so we can contact you.
- A brief description of topics and characters you'd prefer to illustrate.
- The same for what you absolutely can't do.
- Anything else we need to know to get you matched up with a story to illustrate. Prefer AtS to BtVS? Can't do comics canon? Looking forward to doing non-work-safe art? Can't do adult material? Tell us.

Remember to join the comm after you sign up.