Mireille (mireille719) wrote in buffy_bigbang,

Welcome from your new mod team!

Hi, everyone!

We're mireille719 and soft_princess, and we're the new moderators of buffy_bigbang. We'd like to thank antennapedia and sahiya for getting this started, and for giving us a chance to revive it.

We're aware that there's another Jossverse Big Bang running at the moment, and we're definitely not trying to rain on their parade--the more, the merrier, we say, and so we're still planning on relaunching the Buffyverse Big Bang.

Because November and December tend to be bad months for many people to take on a new writing challenge, we're going to schedule the relaunch for January. We'll be asking you for help promoting the Big Bang as it gets closer to the kick-off date, and we'll check in a time or two between now and then.

For now, start thinking about your story idea, or about what kinds of stories you'd like to illustrate!
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